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Plant information.
At Cactus Specialties, we deliberately grow our plants slowly in order to produce plants that have a “natural look” as they do in habitat. The plants receive minimum water and fertilizer, and will therefore be much easier to acclimate to your own conditions.
Note: It is important to realize that these plants generally do not like cold and wet conditions. Good drainage and protection from excess water and frost will greatly help in growing these rare specimens.
Note: Your plants will be shipped bare-rooted, usually the next day.
We have met many fine customers over the years and we greatly appreciate your orders.
         Jim & Minnie Boehmke

SPECIAL FERTILIZER.  We have used a very special cactus and succulent fertilizer for the past twenty years. Plant Marvel, 17-5-17 cal-mag, is a nitrate based, water soluble powder, that contains all the necessary trace elements that the plants love. This fertilizer promotes excellent root growth, which in turn produces a healthy plant that can generate the flowers we all love to see. We use Plant Marvel from the time the seedlings are two months old and mix it in the water every time we water the plants. We dilute the concentration to one teaspoon per gallon which approximates desert conditions and produces a natural looking specimen that does not appear “pumped up”. We use it more as a “health food”, rather than a growth stimulant. Plant Marvel is hygroscopic, so store it in a sealed jar. If the powder does become damp or wet, do not throw it away. It in no way ruins the fertilizer. 1 cup of fertilizer, $8.00.

SPECIAL PUMICE.  Pumice is a rock of volcanic origin, exploded by nature to attain a porous like quality. The function of pumice is to improve the drainage and increase aeration. Research conducted at universities and extension services around the world have proven that plants grown in soil amended with pumice have the greatest resistance to pests and diseases, develop stronger and deeper roots, and produce higher yields than those grown in other amendments. We grow all of our cactus and succulents in a mix containing about 20% pumice and they love it. We ship a separate box (Priority Mail) containing about 2 gallons (about 12 pounds) for $30, which includes the Priority Mail Fee for the SEPARATE box. You may want to crush some of the larger pieces to a smaller size.

New Offerings:

Namibia & South Africa Plants

NOTE: Some of our plants are quite young and very small, some may be only 1/4” diameter.
Customers want us to list even the small plants so they don't miss out.
We have some rare offerings which collectors buy quickly.

Free Plants With Every Order
We send some free succulents with every plant order.


Aloe ramosisimma, well rooted, 8" tall, $20.00, Limit 2

Aloinopsis schoonessii, small, 5 for $7.00

Aloinopsis thudicumii, pink, $15.00

Antimima dualis, purple flower, $9.00

Antimima herrei, blooming, $5.00

Antimima lodewyckii, (Luckhoffii) pink, $6.00

Antimima species, pink flower, $6.00

Antimima valida, $7.00

Argeroderma congragatum, large, blooming, $9.00

Argeroderma fissum, $7.00

Argeroderma delaetii, $9.00

Argeroderma crateriforme, $7.00

Argyroderma subalbum, blooming, pink, $9.00

Astrida harrii, $8.00

Avonia albissima, $6.00, Limit 1

Avonia papyracea, $5.00

Bergeranthus spapiser, $12.00

Cephalophyllum species at Dagbeer, $3.00

Cephalophyllum spongeosum, HUGE plant, must prune to ship, $20.00

Cephalophyllum cuprea, adult blooming, $9.00

Cephalophyllum alstonii, tall, blooming yellow to red, $6.00

Cephalophyllum spissum, orange flower, $5.00

Cephalophyllum spongeosum, Rare, Dog Rock Bay, huge flower, $7.00

Cephalophyllum staminoideosum, $5.00

Cheridopsis brainsii, whopper with super leaves, Winhoek Mt., $9.00

Cheridopsis carol-schmidtii, at Aus, beautiful yellow flower, $7.00

Cheridopsis cigaretifera, full adult blooming yellow, $5.00

Cheridopsis denticulata, three inch yellow flower, huge leaves, $9.00

Cheridopsis derenbergiana, $6.00

Cheridopsis eienfeltia, $5.00

Cheridopsis herrei, adult, blooming yellow flower, $9.00

Cheridopsis imitens, $6.00

Cheridopsis longifolia, red flower, adult, blooming specimen, $8.00

Cheridopsis meyeri, $5.00

Cheridopsis oberulentha, $5.00

Cheridopsis pearsonii, $7.00

Cheridopsis peculiaris, adult blooming age, Spectacular! MAKES A SECOND FLOWER, $8.00

Cheridopsis pillansii, fat boy, pink/orange, $8.00

Cheridopsis pulverulenta, HUGE YELLOW FLOWER, adult, $6.00

Cheridopsis purpurea, $7.00

Cheridopsis species, rare find, unnamed, $4.00

Cheridopsis robusta, yellow, $5.00

Cheridopsis umdausensis, sand paper leaves, $6.00

Cheridopsis vanzylii, $7.00

Cheridopsis cigaretifera, $4.00

Cheridopsis subaequalis, very rare, $8.00

Cheridopsis denticulta, $7.00

Conicosia, big plant, whopper flower, amazing plant for sure, $9.00

Conophytum angelica, (small), RED, $10.00

Conophytum bilobum, Love plant, heart shaped, yellow flower, blooming, $7.00

Conophytum blandum, purple flower, $6.00

Conophytum carolii, small, $4.00

Conophytum cupreatum, beauties, large blooming, $9.00

Conophytum ectypum, $4.00

Conophytum ectypum, limbatum, $10.00

Conophytum fredrichii, blooming purple and white, large, $10.00

Conophytum flavum, large, $8.00

Conophytum glubolsum, deflatens, $8.00

Conophytum limpidum, $8.00

Conophytum lithopoides, $7.00

Conophytum longum, $4.00

Conophytum marginatum, $5.00

Conophytum maughanii, $9.00

Conophytum mynutum, many leaves, $9.00

Conophytum noviseum, large, $10.00

Conophytum lydiae, large, $10.00

Conophytum praesectum, $6.00

Conophytum pulusidum, adult, $20.00

Conophytum quaesitum, many heads, $15.00

Conophytum species, purple flower, $7.00

Conophytum Steven-Jones, purple, $10.00

Conophytum tantillum, $6.00

Conophytum uviforme, $10.00

Conophytum villetii, $7.00

Conophytum wetsteinii, Kosies, huge, purple, $9.00

Cotyledon orbiculata, Alexander Bay, $4.00

Crassula barkleyi, $10.00, Limit 1

Crassula grisea, $9.00, Limit 1

Crassula hirtipes, large, $15.00, Limit 1

Crassula nudicaulis ("naked stem"), real good find! $9.00, Limit 1

Crassula thyrisflora, $7.00, Limit 1

Crassula tomentosa, $7.00, Limit 1

Dactylopsis digitata, spectacular! $10.00

Dicrocaulon, $4.00

Dinteranthus impunctus, $20.00, Limit 1

Dinteranthus vanzylii, Rare, $20.00, Limit 2

Dinteranthus puberulis, $6.00

Dracophylus proximus, $6.00, Alexander Baai, $9.00

Drosanthamum species, beautiful fuzzy leaves, $8.00

Drosanthemopsis vegainatus, $6.00

Ebracteola fulleri, purple flower, $5.00

Fenestraria (baby toes), Large mature plant, many heads, Port Nolith at the sea, Whopper yellow flowers, $15.00

Glottiphyllum suav, green leaves, yellow flowers, $10.00

Hartmanthus pergamentaceum, New genus from Steve Hammer, 10/11, $7.00

Hammeria gracilis, $5.00

Haworthia pumila, $6.00

Haworthia tesselata, Namibia, $5.00

Hereroa pallens, huge yellow flower, $5.00

Hereroa incurve, Marydale, spectacular plant, small, grows fast, $5.00

Ihlenfeldtia vanzylii, $5.00

Lampranthus lesterhoisenu, $7.00

Lampranthus maxamileonus, $6.00

Lampranthus species, large, $7.00

Lapidary margaret, blooming, $6.00

Lithops aucampiae, C-256, big, $8.00

Lithops dortheai, $5.00

Lithops divergens, $5.00

Lithops collection, 30, assorted, unlabelled Lithops, adult, blooming, $40.00

Lithops fulviceps f. aurea, large, C-363, $9.00

Lithops fulleri, $5.00

Lithops geyeri, Namabeep, blooming, large, $7.00

Lithops julii fulleri, large, $6.00

Lithops brunia, $5.00

Lithops multipunctata, C-181, $6.00

Lithops bromfieldii, "sulphurea", C-362, green, $6.00

Lithops dinteri v. brevis, $6.00

Lithops naureeniae, $5.00

Lithops schwantesii, $5.00

Lithops fulviceps, C-266, $4.00

Lithops fulviceps, C-170, $4.00

Lithops verrucolosa, C-129, $5.00

Lithops verruculosa, Rose of Texas, $5.00

Lithops bromfeldii, $5.00

Lithops karasmontania v. bella, $3.00

Lithops lesliei albinica, $3.00

Lithops dinteranthus, $3.00

Lithops karasmontana aiaisensis, $3.00

Lithops karasmontana lateria, $5.00

Lithops hooker dabneri, C-301, $5.00

Lithops bromfieldii insularis, C-362, $6.00

Lithops jullee v. fulleri, $5.00

Lithops karasmontana, opalina, $5.00

Lithops jullii fulleri rouxii, C324, $5.00

Lithops Hallii ‘salicola v reticulta’ C-87, $7.00

Lithops jullii, Vrede Farm, Namibia, many variations, blooming, large, $7.00

Lithops karasmountana, Signalberg, whopper, $6.00

Lithops marmorata, large, Blesberg mica mine, $8.00

Lithops bromfieldii insularis, C-362, $5.00

Lithops lesliei, C-308, $5.00

Lithops optica rubra, Spectacular!, Crowd pleaser, grows fast, $15.00, Limit 1

Lithops otzeneata, C-350, $5.00

Lithops rushiorum, large, $10.00, Limit 1

Malephora crassa, $5.00

Marlothistella sterophyla, four beautiful leaves, $5.00

Meyerophytum meyeri, Dog Rock Bay, pink, $5.00

Monolaria manilla formis, $5.00

Monolaria obconica, $5.00

Monolaria pisiformis, $5.00

Monolaria globosa, crowd pleaser, huge soft leaves, $7.00

Nellia pillansii, full adult specimen, giant white flower, $9.00

Odontophorus marlothii, large blooming specimen, rare yellow flower, $9.00

Odontophorus angustifolia, $6.00

Odontophorus nanus, Kinderle, big adult specimen, giant white flower, $7.00

Odontophorus harrii, $5.00

Oophytum nanusm, $4.00

Optopoma bush mesum, pink flowers, $5.00

Othonna retrofracta, $9.00

Othonna species, $9.00

Pellergonium appendiculatum, adult, blooming, $50.00

Pellergonium crithmifolium, blooming, $35.00

Piaranthus pillansii, spectacular flower, hides in small bushes, yellow & white flower, $8.00

Pleiospilos nelii, Whoppers, blooming, $10.00

Polymyta albiflora, large, 9" tall, $8.00

Ruschia dichroa, $7.00

Ruschia rubico, $7.00

Ruschia spinosa, super nice hot pink flower, $7.00

Ruschia species, 10" tall, $8.00

Schwantesia tribneri, adult, blooming, $8.00

Schwantesia borcherdsii, Dog Rock Bay, SA., 4 plants for $5.00

Senecio, 12" tall, $10.00

Stomatium elboroseum, $8.00

Stomatum nivium, blooming, $6.00

Stomatium, new species, yellow, flowering, $5.00

Stomatium pyrodorum, adult, blooming yellow, $10.00

Stapila tomentosa, red and yellow flower, large adult, $15.00

Stobaria fruitensis, $6.00

Tanquana prismatica, RARE, yellow flower, $12.00

Titinopsis calcaria, yellow flower, 4 plants for $9.00

Titinopsis luederitzii, 4 plants for $9.00

Titinopsis primosii, adult, at Dagbreer, $7.00

Tylecodon paniculatum, $10.00

Vanhurdia, yellow flower, $5.00



Ariocarpus:  Miniature endangered genus, spineless triangular tubercles, highly collectable.

Ariocarpus retusus, 3/05, MG26, 2", $8.00

Astrophytum:  Yellowish flowers, 3-10 ribs, some covered with small tufts of hair.

Astrophytum capricorne, 1/09, 1" $5.00

Astrophytum myriostigma strongylogonum, 1", $5.00

Carnegia gigantea:  Giant Saguaro! Only in AZ.

Carnegia gigantea, 1/06, 6", $9.00

Coryphantha:  Very colorful flowers, spines clustered at tubercle ends, Mexico and south USA.

Coryphantha echinoidea, 2/09, $4.00

Coryphantha recurvata, beautiful, $15.00

Coryphantha palmeri, pectinata 3/01, Paloma Jct. SLP, 5", $10.00

Coryphantha ramillosa, $7.00

Coryphantha micromeris, many heads, $15.00


Echinocactus parryi, Rare, $20.00, Limit 1

Echinocactus parryi, Rare, Basket ball size, $500.00

Echinocactus engelmanni crysocentrus, $15.00

Echinocereus:  Generally upright cylindrical plants with huge colorful flowers.

Echinocereus adustus, 2", $7.00

Echinocereus leonensis, 5", $7.00

Echinocereus triclochidatus, $4.00

Echinocereus rigidismus, show plant, $40.00

Echinocereus primolanatus, large, $15.00

Echinofossulocactus:  Many wavy ribs, beautiful stem and spines, very striking plants.

Echinofossulocactus coptonogonus, 2/09, MG 298, 2" $6.00

Echinofossulocactus multicostatus, 2/08, MG 309.4, 1", $8.00

Echinofossulocactus phylacanthus "grandicornus", 2/08, 2", $8.00

Escobaria:  Some consider subgenus of coryphantha, very pretty flowers in late summer.

Escobaria buoflama, 6", $9.00

Escobaria tuberculosa, 15 years old, $20.00

Ferocactus:  Large spiny barrels in maturity, thick, heavy, colorful, hooked spines, love full sun.

Ferocactus latispinus, 2/09, MG 424.89, 9", $15.00

Ferocactus sinuatus v papyracanthus, Huge yellow flower, beautiful spines, Specimen plant, $15.00

Ferocactus wislizenii, 1/06, New River, AZ, 3", $4.00

Gymnocactus:  Very densely spined plants from Mexico.

Gymnocactus neuhuberi, 4", $10.00

Gymnocalycium:  Lovely plants.

Gymnocalycium pitziorum, MG 479.7, $8.00

Gymnocalycium neuhuberi, $7.00

Gymnocalycium bruchii, Big, $15.00

Gymnocalycium montvillei, 6", $12.00

Lobivia:  Best known for brilliantly colored red, yellow, purple flowers.

Lobivia aurea v shaferi, 3/01, MG 524.5, Outstanding big yellow flowers, many heads, $15.00

Mammillaria:  Many are early spring bloomers, very attractive plants with many flowers.

Mammillaria guelzowiana, 13 year old Show plant that I grew from seed, approx. 200 "heads", Mint condition. About 24" diameter. Flowers are magnificent! Photo available on request. A real crowd pleaser! FREE SHIPPING. $800.00 !

Mammillaria candida, 2/06, Poloma Jct., SLP, 8", show plant, $25.00

Mammillaria microcarpa, 5", $8.00


Notocactus roseflorus, Big, $12.00

Notocactus reichei f. aerocarpa, $10.00

Opuntia:  Beautiful plants.

Opuntia picardoi, blood red flower, Argentina, $5.00

Opuntia fragilis, -10F, New Mexico, $6.00

Opuntia sp., Arthur Nebraska, $6.00

Opuntia longispina v brevispina, $3.00

Saguaro Gigantea:  Giant of Arizona.

Saguaro Gigantea, 6" plants, $8.00


Sulcorebutia canisveralh, $10.00

Tephrocactus:  Magnificent plant from Argentina.

Tephrocactus alexanderi v geometricus. WORLD CLASS! A Real Crowd Pleaser! DJF319, almost spineless, blooms white to pink:

Tephrocactus alexanderi v geometricus, few or no spines, blooms pink or white, approx. 1" or larger, $20.00

Tephrocactus alexanderi v geometricus, 1" to 2" with small black spines, blooms pink or white, $20.00

Thelocactus:  Widely open bell shaped flowers in spring, colors are yellow to red-pink.

Thelocactus bicolor bolansis, 6", spectacular white & red spines, $20.00

Thelocactus bicolor, 8", $15.00

Thelocactus conothelos, specimen plant, 8", $20.00

Thelocactus lloydii, 3/03, MG 1274, 4-5", $10.00

Thelocactus schwarzii, 3/01, Nuevo Quintero, TAM, 4", $5.00

Thelocactus lausseri, HUGE specimen plant, $25.00

Thelocactus mcdowellii, specimen plant, $35.00

Turbinicarpus:  Desirable Mexican plants, slow growing, weak spines, developing hair or wool.

Turbinicarpus jauernigii, ", $7.00

Turbinicarpus pailanus, 4", $12.00